100% Non-toxic and Eco-friendly

“Going Green” isn’t just a buzzword at Zoomin Groomin. It’s a promise. We’re always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable in how we run our business and how we care for your pets. Our products and services not only take care of your pet safely and effectively, they conserve water and protect our environment, too.

ZipWash Cleansing Wand System

  • Provided On A Grooming Table
  • Up To 90% Water Savings
  • Cleans From The Skin To The Tips Of The Fur
  • Removes Dirt, Hair And Other Debris
  • Leaves A Clean, Shiny Coat
  • Massages While Vacuuming Excess Water, Dirt And Hair

Safe for pets and the planet

Our groomers use a Pure Oxygen Ultra Shampoo that’s 100% non-toxic and environmentally safe. It cleans, deodorizes and leaves absolutely no residue. With regular use, it restores natural softness and shine to your pet’s coat that’s perfect for hugs and snuggles.